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SF Bay 04/09/17 – 04/16/17
Shanghai 09/17/17 – 09/25/17
Tel Aviv 12/03/17 – 12/07/17

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How can we help you?

The French Association « LES AMIS DE L’ESPACE DIRIGEANTS » brings together French leaders who have each developped and managed for more than 20 years many and various international businesses & industries (Energy, HighTech, Media, Luxury, Retailing, e-Business …).

Since 2012, IBI gather a group of passionated high level executives from different industries. This very diverse group not only aims to learn from you and your exceptional environment and experience, but also wants to share ideas and trends, and talk business and perspectives with you, and why not help solve some common issues.

We want to connect with you because we want to learn about you and from you.
We want to share views and business perspectives with you.
We want to tell you about the way we solve business issues locally and globally.
We want to show you how we can help.

Who we are?

IBI2017 delegation is a group of around 20 top class executives that will come from the 9th to the 15th of April to meet you from San Francisco to San Jose

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You consider both doing business and having a great time ? So do we !

We meet you at your company or during the evening.

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