Meet our delegation

ANNE MONNIER  Social research, e-health & aging
#E-Health #AgingSociety #DigitalInnovation #UsagesStrategy #Social&MarketTrends
20 years in social, political and marketing research including team leading & training, sales, international acquisitions (10 years as CEO)
10 years in public ehealth sector developping customer strategy and experience for the public EHR, telemedecine and ehealth development.
Presently achieving an Executive Master in Aging policies and silver economy
Passionate about people interactions and social change and the impacts of both digital and aging transformations.
OLIVIER MAES  CEO global food industry, B2C/ B2B, shaping international growth & conquest for great brands
#Marketing&SalesTransformation #NewTechnologies
Olivier is in food business for 30 years & 15 years CEO, worked in 40 markets, mature and emerging, inclusive Asia , to develop great brands (Danone, Kraft Aoste, Lactalis).
He is board member and investor to : part of the adventure of Pure Circle (listed at LSE main board, market cap UK£ 400M) , world leader of Stevia products (US$125M sales/y) servicing top companies as Coke (coca life, sprite), Pepsi, Nestlé.
He accompanied also 2 family super premium luxury businesses, part of the french « art de vivre » Ercuis in jewelry and Raynaud porcelaine, as independant vice-chairman. He received his MBA from École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris.
CAROLE COLIN-KJAER  Business development Director
#Strategy #Business Development #Sales #Marketing in Sports and FMCG
20 years of international experience in strategy, sales, marketing and business development in sports and FMCG industries
Solid experience in sports and entertainment industries: rights negotiations, brand activation and event execution (International and French football, rugby and board sport including UEFA Euro.
FABRICE REBOIS  CEO SABINA, Experienced Media & Culture CEO
Fabrice Rebois is a French manager and entrepreneur specialized in culture, media and innovation.
Fabrice is a multi-specialist of the media and culture as a result of the different top positions he held in the business. He has always favored innovation and creativity together with business development and P&L management. Pioneer of video on the Internet, automated radio (Nova) and TV (ARTE) he has conducted digital transformation of different companies.
He has cofounded in 2016 Sabina, a New-York and Paris based fashion feel good clothes company. He also develops an international App for traveling the world (for pros, individuals, or expats).
MARIE ESQUELISSE  Digital Project Manager
#FutureIsNow #Innovation #Video #UX&EX
10 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation & Corporate Finance.
For the last 3 years, Marie has been elaborating the Corporate Banking Digital Strategy of a French bank : roadmaps, CX & EX, acceleration with startups, disruptive & operational projects (Product Owner for an app for small & mid-cap CEOs), AGILE & Co-creation methodologies …
User centric with a passion for new technologies & human interactions. Believe that Video is the future of Media.
MSC in Management. Sport & Theatre & Rock addicted.
PASCAL SOULE  CEO – Innovative Energy Projects
#IPP #Senior Executive #PowerIndustryVeteran #InnovativeEnergyProjects #SustainableEnvironment #Renewables #Solar Entrepreneur
Presently involved in the development of utility scale PV solar projects in North & South America & in the Caribbean
Over 36 years of worldwide experience in contract management, financing, engineering and construction in energy related projects.
Development of a major project in Finland involving a new Combined Heat and Power Plant in a refinery and petrochemical complex, a 400 + million US$ project.
MARIANNE DE MASSY  Executive coaching and outplacement, Leadership consulting.
#BuildYourfutur #KeepDreaming #BeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInTheWorld
Felt in the world of executive outplacement and coaching at the end of her studies, Marianne aqcuired at first an experimental vision through her research based on the question of the Sense for the executives in professional transition.
This mindset determine her special way to help executives achieving their goals, based on neuroscience innovation and the best strategies.
She has been nominated as a TOP VOICES of Linkedin France and is writting for the HBR French website.
VINCENT HERLICQ  Finance Transformation Head
#CFO #Technology #Transformation
Passionate about the Transformation of the CFO area and the end to end finance processes especially when they are driven by Technology.
25 years of experience in CFO area positions in the Financial Services and IT Services industries with a strong global approach and special focus in Treasury, Payments & Transformation or Development projects.
Contributing to the Transformation of the Treasury profession thru the European and French Associations of Corporate Treasurer (EACT & AFTE Board Member).
#E-Health #CancerDiagnosis #DigitalInnovation #MedicalImaging #Social&MarketTrends
Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the field of technology who combines strong scientific, business, managerial, deal making experience and skills.
CEO and co-founder of LLTech, real time cancer diagnostic company in the Operating Room. Raised $18M for LLTech (equity, sales and grants). Created the High-speed business for Tiscali, a larger French Internet Service Provider.
Working to move LLTech to the USA.
HERVE DE LA MOTTE  CFO , VP Finance, Board member
#Fintechs #Financial Services
Hervé de Lamotte is a CFO and Executive consultant for Entrepreneurs in the Fintech sector, he is focusing on Distributed ledger Technology, which is now a workable solution to deliver tangible business benefits.
Hervé brings his 25 years of professional experience, in France and abroad, in Financial services and HiTech Cy. , managing financial teams and advising Board members, from funding (Serie A&B) to operating successfully according to the Project Business Plan.
OLIVIER DE CONIHOUT  – Founder & CEO, L’Espace Dirigeants
#EnjoyBuildingTheFuture #HR #Innovation
Having started his professional career in 1979, Olivier has acquired a broad experience in Banking, Management, Marketing, Information System, Technology, Strategy and Consulting in groups like Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, SRI International (ex Stanford Research Institute), CPR, Crédit Lyonnais, Unisys …
He created L’Espace Dirigeants in 2006. Olivier participated in the creation of numerous startups (a company selling statistical databases and econometric models, a dealing room software company, two e-Brokerage companies, a sport portal, a professional community website, …). He is also active in different Think-Tanks and Foundations.
SIMON LAHAYE  Engineer – Industry Datascientist
#EnergyProduction #Offshore #Industry #DataManagement #PredictiveAnalyse
6 years in Energy industry in Asia/Africa including hydroelectric projects/exploration and Oil&Gas production enhancement with Physics/Chemistry/Thermodynamics/Mechanics studies.
2 years as Offshore Manager in difficult environment, 200 people in charge, 500M$/year.
Now, working on digital project for production : predictive failure on machines, smart statistics and data management.
Graded from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and IFP School.
VALERIE ROZE  Sales transformation expert
#Sales transformation #BusinessDevelopmentLeadership  #StrategyCrafting
Unique blend of sales management and sales transformation experience across all routes to market, numerous client segments, diverse business sectors and different business maturity from start up to large corporations.
Sales restructuring as well as top line development and New business line launch, handled as a sales executive and a strategy consultant.
MESUT YENTUR  International executive in power generation and power grid
#StrategicPlanning&Execution #BuildingHighPerformingCross-borderTeams #DeliveringCostEffectiveResults
Mesut has wide international experience in sales management and business leadership exclusively in the power generation, electrical transmission and smart grids sectors.
This has involved defining and executing sales and product strategy for technically complex sales, in a demanding and challenging competitive environment.
Mesut is a entrepreneurial leader and change agent with broad experience interfacing with stake holders and C-suite executives.
ISABELLE SATHICQ  Executive Coaching and Outplacement
#BuildYourCareer #ThinkWider #OpenOpportunities #LifeIsNetwork
Isabelle has been both an Executive outplacement specialist and a certified Executive Coach for over 20 years, working with top-tier managers and senior executives. After having started her career in a French bank in Paris, London and Barcelona, she took the opportunity to create an Executive search firm. Since 1995, she has specialized in repositioning top Executives in the job market and founded a firm specialized in Executive Outplacement. As a Coach, her work also involves helping senior Executives find true answers at a key time in their careers, build on their strong points, understand the stakes and position themselves in a long dynamic process. As a Career Expert for the French website of the Harvard Business Review, she publishes every month articles on the power of Networking.
LAURENT DE TENEUILLE  CtoBtoB Expert in Retail & Financial Services Industries.
#StayHungry #StayFoolish #AppliedInnovation #CustomerCentricity #Fintechs #UX&CX #DigitalTransformation
Laurent has a business guiding thread focused on customer centricity and innovation. In particular, he joined in 2000 a Pan-European Consortium – “L’Echangeur” as CEO – a B2B Centre for innovative customer relationship practices. In 2003, he joined a Coalition Marketing (+60% of French households) to implement and to operate a loyalty multi-partners program. Laurent also managed business development and strategic accounts teams in a leading marketing & financial services company.
Now he is Global Head of Retail Innovation in an international banking group (2nd leading bank in the euro zone in 2016 and ranked 8th internationally).
#salescuresall #B2Bsalescoaching #saleseffectiveness
« If you think of selling as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone–business owner or not — needs sales skills » Jeff Haden on Mark Cuban.
Arthur is running JAB, a sales coaching practice for leaders and coach the best french B2B startups and innovative SMBs owners.
Natural born salesman he has always been in sales : the business of matching customer problems and proven solutions.
From marketing supports sold door-to-door to innovative Saas solutions sold with a consultative selling approach, he believes that CEOs should maximize the time they spend in front of their customers and eradicate other activities that do not create direct value for their customers.
Raised engineer he also helps with solving sales effectiveness issues with best-in-class sales & marketing tools.
YVES LEPAGE  IFounder & CEO, Numericall
#FMCG #Growth #CodingSchool
Yves in our expert in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), with a passion for growth models and international acceleration. He led the acquisition and integration of Yoplait by General Mills. Yves excels at both creating & executing sustainable growth models for premium brands, as well and international expansion through strategic alliances and optimum local market localization. Yves worked at Colgate Palmolive, Diageo and General Mills.
In 2015, he founded NumericALL, a company developing services and solutions to support digital transformation. NumericALL primarily operates the WebForce3 coding school as a franchise in East of France and Luxembourg, and just opened a digital campus in rural environment, Jan 2016, a true innovation!
Masters degree from ESCP –world’s top-10 business school.
FRANCOIS DEMONGEOT Founder & CEO, Personal IT(é) 
#ITStrategy #ChangeManagement
Francois is our Information Service and transformation expert. Francois engages multinational IT organizations, in driving business goals and in defining and implementing IT strategies.
He has over 25 years of global experience as an IT Consultant at Accenture and as a CIO in major international Consumer Goods company (Mars Global Petcare Division). IT(é), his consultancy, helps large organizations to maximize their return on IT investment (eCommerce, Lean supply chain, offshoring and outsourcing projects).
Ecole Polytechnique Paris & Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité.
RAPHAËL HAÏK – Founder & CEO, Agyla
#ITTransformation #Cloud
Raphaël Haïk has a 13-year experience in IT in Europe (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium) and has a long record of work in international teams (US, Singapore, China, Germany, Japan, etc). He has worked for telecommunication providers (Orange, KPN, Belgacom), IT manufacturers (Cisco) and Pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi) first as a network and telecom expert, then in IT operations, organization, innovation and strategy. Raphaël’s missions have been to set back on track unmanaged departments of IT professionals from a technological, human and customer focus standpoint.
Today Raphaël is Chief of Staff for the CTO of Sanofi, leading a major transformation of the international IT department (16 countries, 850 people). Raphael graduated in 1999 of Telecom INT, a major French telecommunication engineering & business university.