About IBI

IBI stands for International Business Initiative.

Since 2012 this independant initiative gather a group of 15 C level experts and entrepreneurs all digital passionates. The power of this group is to represent a high value ecosystem.

Our uniqueness is to mix different generations and business expertises such as finance, industry, energy, healthcare, FMCG, sports, music & media, etc. It gives us the ability to enhance creativity and innovation.

Basically IBI’s objective is to connect people and create business opportunities.

This year the focus is on AI and Block chain disruptive innovations. We will base ourselves in SF for a week to meet entrepreneurs, influencers and VC’s.

Back to Europe , we will follow up on all connexions and make it happen. We willorganize a debrief session with the people met in SF and Europe.

Our goal is to adress your potential needs and create business opportunities.


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